Vossi – Super Safe 16″ 1 Irish Draught Gelding

Meadow Stables has the pleasure of offering Vossi for sale our super talented 16″1 eleven year old full pedigree Irish draught gelding, this lad is a schoolmaster who oozes quality he moves amazing and has the most incredible temperament he’s bold and brave and would make a top eventer.

Vossi has great bloodlines sired by Castana he has diamond and holy cross lines followed by Naldo, this full pedigree Irish draught is schooled to perfection he has three established paces in the school, moves correct and straight and knows his dressage, walk to canter etc. he really is amazing to school and knows his job, he’s super calm and forgiving of his riders and is a readymade dressage horse, event horse and would excel as a working hunter on the showing circuit.

Name Vossi Gender  Gelding
Age 11 years Height  16′ 1
Breed Irish Draught Colour Brown
 Price  £5,000

HACKING Vossi hacks out alone or in company he’s not spooky or sharp however when hacking out alone he can have a little look at things so takes reassurance, when hacking in company he’s happy to go first or last will pass any heavy traffic and farm machinery with ease, he will happily hack out on the bridal ways on his own it’s just on busy built up roads he can be looky! He’s great out on charity rides, pleasure rides and beach rides he remains super safe and sensible in open fields and you can be cantering along at the end of the buckle, he enjoys being ridden he’s happy willing horse who is eager to please.

JUMPING Vossi is a talented jumping horse he’s currently jumping one ten in the school and not fazed by fancy fillers or spreads he jumps one meter five tracks with ease he just goes out there and does his job, he jumps them for what they are and remains super safe and sensible, he’s done many clear rounds and jumped up to discovery on a ticket. He has been hunted and has done three seasons hunting though you wouldn’t think so by looking at him as he has clean legs no lumps or bumps or scratches! He’s great out on the hunt field as he remains safe and sensible yet capable jumping ditches, hedges and gates with ease, he’s not fazed by the hounds or other horses around him he’s a keen horse but not strong so is only ridden in a Wilkie bite. He has been used as a hirling in the past and been fantastic everyone who has hired him have really enjoyed there days hunting and only ever given him great reviews. Out x country Vossi is amazing he jumps everything you ask of him with ease and remains level headed he happily goes through the water and happy to give the cobs leads over things.

GROUND MANNERS Vossi took a few weeks to settle in here he was a little clingy to his neighbours however once settled and in routine he was perfect he’s great to have on the yard he is excellent to shoe, box, clip and loads and travels perfect. He has no vices or issues and is a pleasure to have on the yard, he loves a fuss and enjoys being groomed, Vossi gets on very well with other horses he’s a real affectionate gelding who loves everyone including my donkey! The children lead him around and ride him he knows when he has children or novices on him as he turns into a ploddy cob! He’s a real gentle giant a lump of a draught with great bone a real leg in each corner type a true to type old fashioned Irish draught.

HOME SUITED Vossi is a horse who loves a job he enjoys jumping, schooling and charity rides he loves being in work and would be great for somebody wanting a perfect all-rounder to go out there and do a bit of everything on, he’s an established horse been there seen it and done it so you don’t have to teach him anything he’s a readymade Irish draught ready to go out there and have fun on. He’s established enough to win local dressage tests and moves exceptionally well for the show ring, he has no lumps bumps and no blemishes so can go all the way to county level.

PRICE based in Wickford Essex Vossi is priced to sell at £5000 he comes with a full vetting certificate which was done five days ago he’s fully vaccinated recently been shod and had teeth done, he comes with a 14 day exchange warranty and tack can be bought at an extra fee. No offers on this horse we all know he’s a complete bargain.

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