cavalierReview of Cavalier, November 2017

Cavalier chilling in the field with her new best friend Honey.

She is everything and more than I asked for, being an older, larger, arthritic lady I needed something rock solid to mount and dismount and good in heavy traffic to escort my youngster along a very busy main road. That was all I asked for, good to mount and good in traffic, what Sammarie has given me is absolutely perfect, stands like a rock at the block to get on, forward going but sensible past anything including a building site with concrete mixers and drilling going on in very heavy big traffic, buses, lorries, motorbikes etc.

She has also proved sensible in the school both at home and away indoors and out, my friends 14 year old daughter had a lesson on her. It’s still early days but she has settled into our routine of mostly living out, with rugs as required, coming in to be ridden or if raining overnight. She lives in a small herd of 4 and I open gates and they all walk down to their stables without head collars.

Thanks Sammarie Pheb I would recommend you and your horses, the whole buying process was pleasant and straight forward, I’ll send some more exciting photos when I get some¬†😀¬†Cavalier has a home for life here, thanks Carla