Poppy – Super Safe 16″ 1 School Mistress

Meadow Stables has the great pleasure of offering this stunning 16″1 ten year old schoolmistress for sale with excellent confirmation and show stopping presence this is a mare not to be missed.

SCHOOLING Poppy is a schoolmistress with superb confirmation no dishing just straight forward paces with an extended flick of the toe making her ideal for showing, in fact she would make an unstoppable show hunter and undoubtedly be winning all those reds.  Poppy would also excel in dressage. She’s snaffle mouthed with excellent breaks she would suit both novice and experienced riders as she’s calm, safe and sensible at all times and really looks after her riders.

Name Poppy  Height 16′ 1
Age 10 years Price    £6,000


HACKING Poppy hacks out alone or in company in the heaviest of traffic as shown in my videos, she’s super safe and sensible in all traffic she’s not fazed by farm machinery and happy to go first or last when hacking out. Poppy will give her rider great confidence when hacking she makes you feel at ease and takes everything in her stride she’s not spooky or sharp and happy to lead others and teach green horses the ropes.

JUMPING poppy is currently jumping a meter tracks she’s not fazed by fancy fillers or poles neither water trays, what you aim her at she will go over, she has been out clear round jumping and always is placed she is not affiliated and was jumped on a ticket, she’s a cracking jumper bold and brave and would happily take a novice round a course of jumps with ease.

HUNTING Poppy is a proven hunter she’s completed two full seasons hunting in England and Ireland she jumps ditches, hedges, gates and whatever you ask her to jump. She’s a brave hunt horse and what a fantastic lady’s hunt horse she has proven to be, she will happily turn and leave the field she will give leads to other horses and is great around the hounds! She’s anyone’s ride out on the hunt field she’s happy to step it up or down a gear she’s never nappy sharp or strong and gives you a safe yet joyful ride. Everyone that has hunted this mare has said the same what a fantastic hunter!!

GROUND MANNERS Poppy has excellent ground manners she’s very easy to handle she loves lots of fuss and attention and is excellent to shoe, box, clip she loads perfect as shown in my videos and travels perfect! Poppy has been a real pleasure to have on the yard she has amazing ground manners great with my children and is a real sweet genuine mare. A mare of this quality and such kind,c alm temperament is very hard to find and I doubt I will ever find her again!

HOME SUITED as poppy ticks all the boxes as a perfect all-rounder and has been there seen it and done it there are many homes that would be suited to a mare of this quality,a showing home would be my first thoughts as she’s something special that you don’t get to see everyday she’s pretty and elegant with great confirmation, judges would just adore her! However she’s a great hunter and enjoys being out hunting and x country so really it’s down to her new owners to choose what path they are going to take together! If only I could keep her as I really do believe she is something special that won’t be found again! However I have too many horses a full time job and two children so I must think with my head and not my heart! Whatever home poppy finds I will make sure it’s a five star loving forever home where she will be enjoyed and well looked after.

PRICE poppy is priced at £6000 tack is an extra £300 fitted she’s open to any vetting by a vet of your choice although has recently passed a five stage vetting when I bought her. Shes open to blood test and comes with a 14 day warranty. We deliver horses across the country so getting your new horse to you will not be a problem I’m more than happy to get you a transport quote with our friendly fully insured transport team.

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