Lord Henry – Super Safe Draught

Meadow Stables has the pleasure of offering the ultimate BFG for sale Lord Henry, the most genuine gentle giant on the market, schooled to perfection and genuine proven hunter.

SCHOOLING Lord Henry is a schoolmaster who is schooled to perfection he’s light in your hands, ridden in a snaffle at all times and moves straight forward and correct, this lad is extremely well schooled he literally floats around the arena making him excellent for dressage and showing activities, he’s such an easy horse to ride you literally sit on board and allow him to take you round elegant and correct, he’s a big genuine giant no vices or issues he’s just straight forward and correct, he’s been ridden by all riders at all abilities so whether you’re a complete novice wanting a safe established horse to bring your riding on further or an established rider looking for a safe been there seen it Irish draught to take you out and do it all with no hassle he would be ideal. He’s super forgiving of his riders should you lose your balance or have a little wobble on board he’s easy, safe and capable at all times, it’s not so often you see a true all-rounder up for sale within budget a true schoolmaster who is supple and soft, who has been there seen it and done it all.

HACKING Henry is happy hacking out alone or in company he’s not spooky or sharp and not fazed by heavy traffic or farm machinery, he will happily hack out anywhere you ask of him and remain super safe and sensible, he’s a big lad and everyone expects him to be naughty or scary but he’s a pure big bundle of love he’s so harmless and loving and really looks after his riders. This lad is bombproof in the heaviest of traffic and remains as safe and sensible on the roads as he does in open fields, a real gentleman of a horse.

JUMPING Lord Henry is a capable horse jumping a meter five tracks, he’s steady into a fence, controlled and brave he’s proven himself on the hunting circuit many times and has four seasons under his belt, he’s been used a few times for whipping in and we have hired him as a hirling to our clients and he’s come back with glowing reviews, they all love him. He’s a capable horse jumping, ditches, hedges and gates with ease he’s not fazed by the hounds or others around him he’s a level headed hunter who is happy at the front or back, he’s a real pleasure to hunt as he jumps everything you ask of him, but if you’re not feeling brave he’s happy to go round, he’s not nappy or strong so will happily turn and leave the others should you want to call it a day early, I’ve got some fabulous references on this lad and he’s been nothing but a pleasure to own. If they can hunt and jump anything you aim them at without saying no then they will easily go out and jump round a x country course.

GROUND MANNERS Henry is a real loving horse he loves lots of fuss and attention, he enjoys being groomed, bathed and general fuss he’s a real softy you would think he wasn’t a big lump of a horse, he enjoys cuddles and general fuss, he’s great to shoe, box, clip he loads and travels perfect he will load himself chuck the lead rope and head collar over his neck and he will walk up the ramp. He’s such a genuine lad hassle free and easy to handle at all times, the children handle him he may be big but he’s harmless and looks after the children, he’s never bolshie or strong and just wants to be your best friend at all times.

HOME SUITED Henry would suit most homes there is nothing you can’t love about him, the first to view him will literally fall in love with him, he’s kind genuine temperament and how he’s super affectionate, his big kind brown eyes that show just how genuine he is, riding him is like driving a Bentley smooth stylish and just pure class, there is not hidden issues or vices he could do with gaining more weight but it’s winter and he has hunted four seasons so he’s an athletic build at the moment, he has good bone true old fashioned draught bone 11 and half inches of bone making him a weight carrier.

PRICE Based in Wickford Essex open to full vetting and bloods comes with a 14 day warranty, great trial facilities and your friends, family; riding instructors are welcome on viewing. Deposit secures this lad; we deliver horses across the country. £4000 it’s January grab a complete bargain as we all know this lad is worth a lot more.

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Based in Wickford, Essex, with a 14 day guarantee giving you peace of mind when buying a horse from Meadow Stables.